Im sure now you have figured it out.

You are at a new website for one of your favorite companies (humor us please) and are wondering what happened?

Did Reishore re-brand? Kinda.

Did Tenfold Dissolve? Only in name…

We are so happy to announce that we at Tenfold and Reishore have merged our clothing operations into one new company.

Reishore Clothing.

Both of our companies are committed to using plastic waste to make our products, and since our two companies have been partners from the creation of Reishore it just made sense for us to take that partnership to the next level. With Tenfold’s wholesale operations and Reishore’s retail operations we feel that we can be a company and brand that creates the level of impact we both dreamed of.

We are incredibly excited about our future and the insane impact we plan to have. There is so much to announce here in the coming months about products, partnerships, and projects we will be working on (cough cough Metaverse).

Reishore Clothing Team